Tina King Tina King

Tina King

Regional Manager of San Diego

License: CA 01704625

Tina has had over 18 years of real estate sales, leadership, real estate training and business coaching experience.  In the last eight years, Tina has been a driving force for agent productivity in the Orange County and San Diego County markets through action based training, coaching and leadership at a branch and regional level.  

Tina stays ahead of the game by knowing market trends and helping agents implement strategies for business growth.  Tina is driven by a relentless passion to impact and improve the lives of her agents and the clients they serve.

Tina King

"Ruler of Results"

  • Tina was the lead guitarist and song writer for an all female hard rock band for several years. 
  • She was also a champion motocross racer! 
  • Tina was a television commercial model when she was growing up.