Let's Talk Social Media - The 4th Step in Designing a Social Media Program is to Create Amazing Content

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Once you know what social media platforms your audience prefers and what kind of content they want, take the time to give them more of that content. Your goal should be to provide a higher level of still image, video, and general information than your audience has seen before. Remember, as I mentioned earlier in this training series, your content can come from RSS feeds. 

Conversation and engagement is vital. This interaction will help build a loyal following of people who trust you as a source that can meet their needs and expectations. Show your personal side to some degree. You should never take the social out of social media completely. Take a "steady freddy" approach, be consistent with your content delivery and schedule. If you post content a few days in a row then stop for a few days or more, your audience will seek-out someone else to depend upon. When taking some time off for training, work, or leisure,  simply inform your loyal audience that you'll be off-line for a few days and look forward to reporting-out when you return. 

Let's talk SM...Ron Feir