Alejandro Acosta

Real Estate Agent

Alex Acosta, has over 18 years of sales experience. Alex has resided in Las Vegas, NV for 13 years. He loves his community and has a strong passion for interacting with people and growing as a sales professional. In the past 18 years, Alex has excelled and held leadership roles where he coached and developed numerous sales teams.
Alex has applied his skills in various sales industries, including fitness, digital technology, high-end retail, time-share, Insurance, and as of most recently, Fine Art. Alex has been a part of many well established organizations that has tested and developed him in his sales career, allowing him to interact with clients internationally and gain a cultural appreciation.
Alex has decided to further expand his limitless potential and apply his sales expertise in the Real Estate industry. He is self-motivated with a traditional “go-getter mentality”. He believes in hard work and dedication. He is a second-generation sales expert as his father owned and operated a successful construction company for over 50 years. At an early age, he built confidence and direction.
Among his many sales accomplishments he believes that education is important and is currently perusing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.
Languages: English, Spanish