Clover Edmiston

Hello!! What a BEAUTIFUL day! So to start off, yes my name is Clover, yes it is my real name (not a stage name) yes I am very lucky, and no my parents were not hippies.
I grew up in a military family all over the western United States. I have lived on military bases, backwoods farms, on the sides on mountains, to the HOT HOT dry desert. I can handle a snow shovel, I never forget the bottle of sunscreen or bug spray and even remember the ovenmit for my car door. Being in a military family, especially a large one when you are the only girl, you have to be a jack of all trades. Some of these include having thick skin, eating hearty and running faster than my brothers.
I believe in family, meaning related or by choice with their gatherings, reunions, good days and bad days.
I have always worked in the service industry in some form or another to help others. I feel that Real Estate is my true calling. The feeling when I walk you into a house and you exclaim "This is the one!! " makes being your agent the best job in the world.

I am Clover and I would be even more Lucky to have you as a client.!

Languages: English