Donald Bakewell

Real Estate Agent

Originally from St. Paul, MN, I've been living in Las Vegas since 2008 and LOVE every minute of it! What an awesome and unique city! I've been in and around the real estate industry my entire life as my father owned and operated one of the larger real estate brokerage firms in MN. Not only was he a broker with countless agents working underneath him, he was also a buyer of real estate. That means ever since I was about 14, I was doing apartment maintenance and with that kind of experience, there's not much I CAN'T fix. I bought my first rental property at age 22 and never looked back. I love buying and renting out or even flipping homes and I can bring my experience to the table as you search for your next home/property.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent, invest in real estate, refinance an existing home, determine your homes value, or simply in need of an awesome contractor, I will go to work for you on day ONE. I am your GO TO GUY when it comes to all things real estate related. ONE call, text, or email today and you'll quickly learn just how much I can help you out.
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Hobbies: Motorcycles, Electric cars, Local live music, Pinball, Video Poker, Stock Market, Hunting Scorpions
Languages: English