George Genco

Real Estate Agent

Where to start? US Air Force, Retired, 24 years in the Supply career field. I was born and raised in southern Ohio, and have lived in Fort Wort, TX, Denver, CO, Zweibr├╝cken, Germany, Lancaster, CA, Honolulu, Hi, and Anchorage, AK; I have also deployed to Saudi Arabia (twice, once during Desert Storm), Norwich, England, Landivisiau, France, Gioa Del Colle, Italy, and Lisbon, Portugal, all courtesy of my Air Force career. I started teaching computer classes during my last 4 years and found out I had a talent for learning and sharing information so all could understand. Once I retired, that is what I have done for the majority of the last 22 years, teaching computer application classes. Technology today isn't the challenge it once was since it is being introduced in the early grades in schools and training opportunities have dwindled. So at this stage in life, I can't just stop helping people. Because that is what good trainers do, they help people learn more efficient and effective ways to use the tools available to them. So I started looking at ways to continue helping and use the skills I have. Real Estate seems a great way to utilize both, except now, I am also one of the tools to be used. To help others buy or sell, maximize profits, and reduce stress during the entire transaction process.
Hobbies: Family,traveling,walking, biking
Languages: English