John Baker

John’s Early Days...

...were spent growing up along a Pennsylvania countryside. He remembers those early childhood times when his biggest concern was, "which place to go fishing?"

As a youngster John worked on a farm during school break. It was hot, humid, dirty, and back-breaking. However, it taught him the basics to the way he lives his life today. "If you're going to do something, you might as well put your focus and energy into it. You can't always live life on the idea of instant gratification... Some things just take work and time," He explains.

That thinking has served him well over the years. From his deployment in Viet Nam with the U.S. Marine Corp, 3rd Air Wing, to starting his own manufacturing company specializing in designing products and test equipment for the Landscape Industry. John is definitely no slouch.

After eighteen years, John sold his Anaheim California business and was very pleased to see his products featured in the landscape division of the John Deere Company. It was truly a win-win for everyone!

Over the years John earned a reputation for providing outstanding service, and people love working with him because of his dedication, effective marketing abilities and the no-nonsense way he works with clients. Combining all this with his tenacious personality make him a very clever problem solver.

So as John would say... "Ready... Aim... Action!"