Rhonda Carstensen

Real Estate Agent

To know me is to understand that I am passionate about everything I set my mind to in life. I entered into the world of Real Estate with the intent to add a bigger purpose to my days. I now spend my time interacting with people and investors all over the Phoenix area to buy and sell homes in all size and price ranges. My personal fulfilment comes from the positive reaction of clients when they find their perfect home or are extended an offer on their house that allows them to move to their next adventure.
As a Realtor, I put pressure on myself to be a step above the competition. With the goal of connecting with my clients and facilitating a smooth transaction, I take the responsibility given to me very seriously. At the same time, I can promise that there will be plenty of smiles and laughter along the way. You won’t find that I am pushy, but for the sake of my clients I will step up and do what is necessary to make sure they are happy with the end result. The client experience is top priority! For this reason, I do limit the number of clients I will take on at any one time. It allows me to give each client the time, focus, and dedication they are due.
To increase market and industry knowledge, I regularly take classes to improve my ability for clients. Most recently I have added two certifications to my resume: Master Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Military Residential Specialist. These allow me to better negotiate all deals and adds extra tools for me to assist relocations of our men and women in service. I consider it part of my responsibility to continue to gain knowledge for my clients. Sometimes it can be one little piece of new information that makes all the difference in a transaction.
If you are looking to sell or buy a home, I am the Realtor for you! Together I will walk you through the process, explain what to expect, and then do my behind-the-scenes responsibility to make the transaction smooth for all parties involved. I take pride in
Hobbies: Running, paddle board, hiking, dancing, music
Languages: English
Specialities: First Time Buyers, Investments, Military, Vacation Homes