Shane Davila

Real Estate Agent

When I'm not out backpacking and taking nature photographs in Idahos wilderness backcountry you'll find me connecting with people close to me. Real estate entrepreneur since 2005 I was drawn to the industry because it was a great way to build my own destiny. Initially purchasing distressed homes, fixing them up, and then re-selling them for a profit was my motivation for real estate. However, I became aware that real estate was not so much about homes but more so about relationships. I was always fielding calls from friends and family asking me to sell their homes, or wanting help finding a home. At that point in my career I was not even a Realtor, but just a professional home buyer. I realized that working with people and building solid relationships was the perfect business for me. I've helped hundreds of folks with everything real estate and, I still enjoy finding distressed homes for myself to others. Connecting with my clients on a regular basis via client parties or quick videos is important because relationships are the bread and butter of my existence.
Hobbies: Nature photography, hiking, backpaking, fitness, Standup paddleboarding