Steven Barry

Real Estate Agent

Why should you choose ME as your agent : I began purchasing and investing into real estate at the age of 23.. Young and inexperienced I set out and purchased my first duplex on an FHA owner occupied low acquisition loan near the Arcadia Neighborhood on E. side of Phoenix bordering Scottsdale.. this guaranteed me at the time a low interest rate.. and secured my first investment rental.. I moved in one side.. renovated the other side.. raised the rent and practically lived mortgage free.. it was at that immediate moment I became hooked.. and still till this day I can honestly say investing is one of my deepest passions.. Over the past 11 years I have personally been involved in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in SUCCESSFUL Real Estate transactions.. 3 1/2 of the last 11 have came as a licensed real estate agent. My decision to become licensed ultimately spawned from the lack of LEADERSHIP and COMPETENCE I personally experienced as a young investor in my R.E. dealings, purchase's and sales with other agents... Frustration over the lack of simple business practices such as: non- returned or delayed, lethargic follow up calls, late to appointment times, misleading information, to even bigger issues like: the lack of ability to execute even some of the SIMPLISTIC marketing plans needed to advertise and ultimately sale my properties, misrepresented bottom line numbers prior to close of escrow.. and the list goes on.. I eventually turned my disgust into motivation to go out and pursue a license to sale the properties myself.. Every since then I have been providing MY clients with the same EXCELLENT SERVICE I would personally demand! attributes of ac countability , reliability, and most important SALES ABILITY to market effectively, negotiate from a position of strength, which ultimately results in executed sales contracts that over the years has yielded results of truly satisfied clients who consistently send me some of there closest family and friends, cause they in return want them to receive the same excellent service..~ at the end of the day that's really what its all about~ SATISFIED CLIENTS! there are LITERALLY tens of thousands of agents in the phoenix metropolitan area to choose from.. and you can trust me when I say this.. "EVERYONE IS NOT BUILT FOR THIS BUSINESS".. when it comes to SELLING or PURCHASING one of your most expensive, amazing, and treasured assets... It is critical you hire the RIGHT AGENT for the job... " I AM THAT AGENT!" My knowledge is extremely valuable.. my experience...priceless.. and if there just so happens to be a chance I don't have the answer to a question... I assure you I know exactly where to go get it.. and get it promptly! I would be honored to serve as your agent.. Please take the time to give me and my team the opportunity to service you. I promise.. We are the difference! we specialize in residential listings/purchases, first time home buying, down payment assistance programs, auction, Investment properties ,foreclosures, build outs, construction, permits, consulting & design, rentals, multi family, income production, single-family and commercial, " Me and my team are always available to assist, lead and most importantly EXECUTE all of your real estate needs within the Phoenix metropolitan area!"
Languages: English
Specialities: Commercial, First Time Buyers, Foreclosures, Investments, Luxury Homes and Estates, Multi-Units, New Homes, Short Sales

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