Is It Possible to Customize A Home Too Much?

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Personalizing your Las Vegas home is a great idea when you plan to make it your forever home. If you think you might sell within three to 10 years, it’s a good idea to choose some custom home features that will be appealing to buyers when you list in the future. Much of getting your home ready for a resale revolves around de-cluttering and de-personalization by removing family portraits. While it’s easy to take down a surrealistic painting that might distract rather than attract a homebuyer, it’s more expensive to remove kitchen cabinetry or re-do a bathroom that’s got too much personality. When it comes to buying custom homes in Las Vegas, there are some features that stand the test of time and hold universal appeal. One article by the Wall Street Journal, points out some luxury homebuilder’s upgrades can cost $250,000 or more.

Buying new construction

As a home buyer looking for custom homes in Las Vegas, you may get more value by purchasing a resale home rather than a new construction, depending on where the former owner put his or her money. According to the WSJ, 10 to 30 percent of a home’s base price is spent on upgrades. Experts say homebuyers who have their home built according to custom specifications are less likely to walk away from a deal because they are emotionally tied to their home.

Sticking with what’s appealing

When customizing a home or buying a resale home with custom upgrades, look for ones with resale appeal. For example, experts say some of the universally appealing features include screened-in lanais and pools, large glass patio doors that connect the indoor and outdoor living space, kitchen islands with granite countertops and extra large showers with seating.  

Adding your own touches later

An experienced Las Vegas Realtor can help you find a deal on homes that are outdated so you can remodel your kitchen and bathrooms according to your own style preferences. Another option is to start out buying an entry-level new construction home with the intention to upgrade some of the features later. With the push toward custom homes, many Las Vegas new home builders are including upscale features such as stainless steel and granite in their base price.

Ultimately, it’s important to distinguish between what’s trendy and what’s going to be on-trend for many years to come. It’s also about balancing what you like with what will also appeal to others if your custom home ever becomes someone else’s dream home.  

Written By: Jim Simmons