100% Commission

You made it, you keep it.

ONE Low Monthly Fee

Are you paying for technology you don't use or advertising that doesn't market you > We think you deserve more. In fact, we'd give you the world if we could. But let's at least start with 100% commission and low monthly fees.

Here's what we offer:

  • 100% Commission
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • $0 Tech Fees

A You-First Focus

Real estate professionals who join Realty ONE Group see the difference immediately, not just in the amount of money they keep but in our YOU-first focus. Find a ONE professional in your market and find out why they're so passionate about the brand. 

How Much More Can You Do in Your Life?

Our real estate professionals are just like you. They love to work and work hard, but they also love to surf, vacation, drive nice cars and spend more time with family and friends. As a Realty ONE Group professional, we believe you'll have more freedom to do more of what you love. 

Hear From Our Professionals

I closed a couple of transactions my first year with Realty ONE Group, but thanks to the lack of high fees, I was able to reinvest my money back into marketing to grow my business. The excellent broker support, training and classes led me to close 139 transactions in 2017, and I’m aiming even higher for 2018.

Tom Hauser

Realty ONE Group Professional

It’s empowering to have the backing of a brand that really does care about its agents, especially since I genuinely care about my clients and the amazing real estate experience I can give them. There isn’t a more agent-friendly model out there.

Christine Pepaj

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group is one of the few, if not the only real estate agency, that provides 100% commission. Even if I’m able to save a few hundred bucks every transaction, I’m able to put that away and over time, that really adds up. Realty ONE Group really, really promotes a work-life balance and they want you to have that flexibility.

Elizabeth Yi

Realty ONE Group Professional

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