5 Quick and Easy Tips to Optimize Your Website

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Optimize your meta titles and descriptions

  • Your site’s search appearance is important. It is the first thing that a user sees after searching on a search engine and it will help them decide whether or not to click on your website. Because of this, optimizing your appearance in search engine results can have a huge impact on your ranking position and click through rate (CTR).
  • For example, our team at Realty ONE Group wrote the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ you see in the image below and we can test and update it to ensure we get the best click through rate and remain at the top of search results.

Make sure all of your site’s images have optimized ALT text

  • We suggest adding ALT text to your images so that it's easier for search engines to index them. What is ALT text? Search engines don't physically see images the way people do, so ALT text is content that allows you to specifically describe the image. Creating ALT text allows you to attach a description to your pictures so that they show up in Google and other search engine's image results. Make sure your website images have their own specific ALT text.

Make sure your profiles on third party real estate websites are updated and that you include a link on your profile to your website

  • Search results are similar to a popularity contest and your popularity is determined by how many other websites are linked to yours. This is why we recommend that you include links to your website on as many third party real estate websites as you can. 

Optimize the content on your site to include key search terms you want to rank for on Google

  • This goes without saying, but if you want to show up in the search results for a specific search term, your website needs to include that search term. The deeper the dive, the more complicated it can get but put simply, Google won’t serve you up to people searching for real estate if you don’t say the words real estate! 

Search engines love fresh content. Create a blog or news section where you can update your site consistently

  • Create a blog or news page to keep fresh content, with plenty of the search terms you’d love to be ranked for, on your website. This gives you the flexibility to write about a variety of topics, with a variety of key search terms that will help your rankings.