Budget-Friendly DIY Home Staging Ideas You Can't Live Without

The importance of staging can't be repeated enough when it comes to selling houses. As a first impression for buyers, it's important to make the right first impression. Here are a few staging ideas that are budget friendly as well.

Neutralize the Colors

This is especially important for the bedrooms. Remember that the families of homebuyers are all different, so it’s important that the extra bedrooms remain neutral in terms of décor, and the master bedroom should avoid anything too loud or gender-specific. Whether it means repainting walls or temporarily removing certain decorative pieces, it’s a quick fix to appeal to a larger number of buyers!


“Everything is Chrome in the Future!”

neutralize the colors-2
That was a SpongeBob reference, but it’s eerily accurate in today’s market. Stainless steel appliances are viewed as an absolute necessity to increase the value of your home. Updating your kitchen appliances might seem like an expensive project, but it will pay off in the long run; you’ll get a higher return on your investment and you’re more likely sell your home faster.


De-Clutter Your Life

DIY Staging Tips for Realtors
Clutter can be a major deal breaker for potential homebuyers — it communicates that your home is lacking in storage space, it implies that the house they are considering for purchase is not clean, and it creates the illusion that your home is smaller than it really is. Quick tips: Rent a small storage space for showings, ask a friend or relative to hang on to a few boxes during open houses, or arrange and combine your extra things in an orderly manner. At the very least, you will appear more organized!


Room for ONE
Room for ONE

Each room should visibly have ONE purpose. For example, an office space/playroom/extra storage spot will tell the buyer that your home does not properly meet the needs for your family, making them question whether it would be an appropriate fit for them, either. The buyer will likely have trouble envisioning what to do with the space as well, something they will not want to worry about in the buying process.


Something Smells

Avoid plug-in air fresheners, period. The Tropical Breeze scent might be ONE of your all-time favorites, but the smell won’t appeal to everyONE, and it could drive potential buyers out the door. It’s much better to use something more natural and inviting, like fresh baked cookies!


Storage, Storage, and More Storage!
organized space

Make sure to highlight all the awesome storage options and opportunities in your home! It’s a huge selling point for homebuyers, especially with the prospect of moving all of their things into a new space. Show off all of the secret storage your home has to offer them!


Clean All the Things

It’s critical that you give your home a deep cleaning before you host your first open house. If there hasn’t been a high level of TLC in your home, buyers will notice right away, and the rest of your home staging attempts will go unappreciated.


What tips would you add to help stage a home? Let us know in the comments!