Celebrating Black History Month in the Workplace

Celebrating Black History Month in the Workplace

February is Black History Month, a time when the country celebrates Black Americans for their achievements and contributions throughout history. This month is a great opportunity for Human Resource managers and others in an organization to collaborate with employees to set a standard of how to put an end to discrimination and bias. It can be effective in building employee engagement by recognizing and celebrating employees’ ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. 

Don’t be Colorblind 

Race can be a touchy subject, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately with this, many organizations try to be “colorblind” in an attempt at establishing equality. This can actually have the opposite effect, increasing underrepresented employees’ perception of bias from their white coworkers, decreasing engagement in their work. 

Support Diversity in the Workplace all Year

Black History Month is a great time to promote Black voices and celebrate diversity in the workplace, but it doesn't have to stop on March 1st. It’s essential for employers to focus throughout the year on creating diverse programming.

Ask Employees to Take the Lead

Encourage black employees to celebrate their culture by creating events that celebrate their passions. If your office is still working remotely, host a remote cookout by having Black employees share their favorite recipes and then have employees recreate that dish at home. Create a dedicated message channel where everyone can post photos and comments. 


An excellent way to help the community is to volunteer with local nonprofits and charities. This is also an excellent way to bond with fellow colleagues and even inspire engagement and motivation in your workplace. 


Arrange a fundraiser to support racial justice. Consider looking into historically Black colleges and universities and establishing a scholarship fund. Giving back to those in need helps achieve a greater sense of community and growth and it also feels good to help others.