Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Get a tan. Go on vacation. Sign the kids up for summer camp. Just a few things on the summer to-do-list for around the house but what about the house? With all the excitement that the new season brings, it’s easy to forget about the many things that need to be done to get your home ready for summer. Just as the winter months can take their toll on a home (unless you’re in sunny Southwest), there’s plenty that needs to be done to properly prepare your house for the new season. The following is a list of  guidelines on how to get your home summer ready before the temperatures kick up a notch!

Spruce up the Backyard


Check your sprinklers for any wear and tear. Make sure to replace used or worn down parts and remove any dirt that might have collected. A brown yard full of weed’s is the last thing you want to be stuck looking at. If you live in a drought stricken area, be considerate of water usage. Also, take steps to clean your driveway and make sure the entranceway is clear. If you have a green thumb and are handy with a spade, now's a great time to plant beans, beets and carrots  

Update Your Air Conditioning

Clean out your ventilation system whether it’s a traditional air conditioning unit or fan, time to dust them off! Clean or replace any air filters that have gathered dust from the winter months. Consider buying a more energy-efficient air conditioning unit. Programmable thermostats can help reduce costs.  

Get Grilling


Make sure your exterior is ready for the grill times! It’s good to give your grill a good scrub down at least once a year, especially if it’s been sitting outside unprotected. Dry scrub the grates and burners. Give it an overall deep-clean so it’s ready to barbecue food! Use a wire brush or or grill stone and scrub the grill well. Wipe clean before and after and you’re ready for your first barbecue of the season!


Now for the fun stuff! Update your exterior and add a few finishing touches to make sure your patio is ready for guests. If you’re thinking about building any backyard fixtures like a pergola, now’s the time to do it! If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this summer, decide on what features and additions you’d like to add. Add bright, colorful accents and brighten up any weathered furniture with a fresh coat of paint.   Don’t forget about the pets! Check out our list of 5 Pet Friendly Updates that you can also conquer this season as well.