Let's Talk Lead Gen

Let's Talk Lead Gen

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In episode 68, "Let's Talk Lead Gen," we had the pleasure of interviewing Nydia Pino, the Broker/Owner of Realty ONE Group Innovation in Palm Beach and Delray Beach, FL. Kathy wanted to bring Nydia onto the podcast because of her exceptional expertise in lead generation, a crucial aspect of any successful real estate business. She generously shared her insights, knowledge and background in the industry. 

I obviously want you to listen/watch the episode in its entirety, so I’m not going to show all the cards, but Nydia did talk best practices for lead gen. She emphasized the importance of understanding your target audience and tailoring your approach to meet their specific needs. We dug into the various methods she employs, such as leveraging social media, email marketing, and SEO, to attract potential clients. Okay that’s enough of a teaser about that.

Nydia shared her insights on what to look for in a lead generation platform - breaking down the essential features to consider, such as user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and data analytics. 

We talked about setting realistic expectations for success. She candidly discussed, underscoring that success doesn't happen overnight. Her emphasis on perseverance and continuous improvement hits hard. If you want to learn more about lead generation or hear the actual voice of the person writing this blog, make sure to check out this episode. 


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