ONE Summit International 2024


With uncertainty in the housing market, it may seem like a leap of faith to commit to attending ONE Summit International 2024 but for people who have been once, they’ll never miss another Summit.  

Here’s why they keep coming back, in their own words…


“Summit allows us to connect with ROG family from around the globe, spend time with our leadership, get a glimpse of what’s to come for our company and continue to grow our network, and referral partners. It’s also always a great time!”


Lou Muscella, Realty ONE Group Restore, Collegeville, PA


“I have made lifelong friendships and referral partnerships! I go with the INTENTION of connecting with other like-minded real estate professionals from across the globe! 


If I’m referring my business to another part of the world I want to refer it to the people that I have met face to face at ONE Summit who take the time and make the investment into their business versus the first person to say “pick me” on Facebook! 


I have received 5-7 referrals for sure from ONE Summit! This more than pays for my trip! There’s simply nothing like it!!!”


Melissa Sherlin, Realty ONE Group Experts, Cleveland, TN



“Making the connections that last and real genuine friendships from across the globe. ONE Summit solidifies ONE Family.”


Ryan Kalantzis, Realty ONE Group Nest, Newbury Port, MA


“It’s inspiring, informative, and a great chance to meet all of your ONE Family from across the country and around the globe!!! Nic and I have made so many friends from all over and it makes for great referral partners too.


There is so much you can learn from the other owners and agents alike outside of even the conference itself. Is it February yet?!?! “


Luann Moran, Realty ONE Group. Movement, Cedar Falls, IA


“It is Fun! I’ve been to so many conferences. Same ole thing. As much as I want to know the speakers, it is awesome to be surprised! These speakers are some of the most influential and interesting people I’ve ever had the privilege to see. Oh, and the last night’s party is pretty epic!”


Jonathan Wolf. Realty ONE Group Rose, Tyler, TX


“It’s the seed that grows within you to keep coming back year after year to grow in all areas of your life.”


Navid Ali, Realty ONE Group Future, San Ramon, CA


“My favorite part about Summit is feeling the ROG vibe multiplied by thousands of attendees.”


Michelle Ihegborow, Realty ONE Group Integrity, Tucson, AZ


“Going to Summit every year doesn't just refuel my professional motivation, it refuels my spirit! To be surrounded by the energy & optimism, stories of resilience, strength, and motivation - it just changes your mindset in a way that can only be explained through experiencing it.


The level of learning, sharing, and supporting each other at Summit is like no other event. I can't wait for Summit 2024!”


Chrissy Amundson, Realty ONE Group Destination, Key West, FL


“It’s not about Real Estate per se it’s about being a better person which makes you a better agent!”


Krissy Carnahan, Realty ONE Group Destination, Key West, FL


“For the second year, I can say that there shouldn't be a single person who attended ONE Summit International without being seen or heard.


The diversity of speakers- black, white, LGBTQ, men, women, short, tall, rock, hip-hop, convicted felons and high school dropouts. Hell last year, I think I told Cory Vasquez that if someone didn't feel seen on that stage, they were probably a blue alien. BOOM... Blue Man Group. 


We didn't talk about real estate, we talked about real life. Your volume doesn't define you, your transaction count doesn't make you, but how you connect, engage, and own your shit is what makes the difference in this life.”


Jessica Thomas, Realty ONE Group Esteem, Liberty, MO



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