Pretty in Pink, and Other Perfect Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Valentine's Day

If you’re the kind of person who won’t skip decorating your home for any holiday then the chance to splash hearts around your house for Valentine’s Day might have you feeling giddy.

Here are five ways you can decorate for the upcoming lovers’ holiday:

No. 1 – Lighting Sets the Mood

Valentine’s Day employs images of soft, romantic lighting so spreading candles around the house is the easiest way to light up this holiday. Purchase several inexpensive votives, paint them the color of love and dust them in glitter. They’ll be the perfect accent on a fireplace mantle or coffee table.

No. 2 – Adorn with Pink and Red Crepe Paper

You won’t have to search hard to find ingenious ways to decorate with crepe or construction paper. Pinterest is filled with boards and pins of the cleverest crafts that can be made simply and inexpensively from paper.  Visit your office supply store and pick up packs of red, pink and white paper or grab rolls of crepe paper at your local party store and don’t hold back.

No. 3 – Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts.

Cupid loves to level us with hearted arrows and we’re happy to be his target. Let the hearts fly - in everything from heart-shaped baked goods to hearted homemade jewelry. It’s a parade of hearts that few people can resist.

No. 4 – Public Displays of Affection

Sometimes love is best captured in our favorite pictures. So why not fill your home with these memorable moments? Sift through your favorite, most lovable photos. Put them in Valentine’s Day frames, hang them with ribbons like wind chimes in the windows or build a collage on the refrigerator in the shape of a heart. Photos are the perfect reminder of how much and how often you love someone.

No. 5 – Flowers are Tried and True

Yes, they eventually die. But a beautiful bouquet of flowers never gets old. Flowers can warm up a room and a heart and it’s perfectly ok to buy yourself a vase of your favorite flowers to usher in Valentine’s Day.