Thinking About Relocating to Nevada?

Looking to relocate to Nevada? This blog covers all of the benefits of moving to Nevada

Thinking about moving to Nevada? You're not alone. Nevada is quickly becoming a dream destination for many looking for a change of scenery and to start fresh. Moving to a new state is a hard decision and even tougher transition, but Nevada offers numerous opportunities for both business and pleasure that you should consider during your relocation search. 

This state in particular is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing in the nation as Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Henderson are experiencing incredible economic growth and because Nevada offers no state taxes, a growing job market, and an influx of investment in real estate. Not to mention that Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world.


Nevada’s state taxes are ONE of the most attractive features for out-of-state residents as there are no personal income taxes, no corporate income taxes, and no franchise tax. So, if you’re an entrepreneur or corporate executive and profitability and financial strength are top priority, Nevada may be the perfect place for your business to thrive and grow. 


Here are just a few more reasons why you should consider moving your business to Nevada:

  • No Taxes on Corporate Shares
  • Nominal Annual Fees
  • Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell, or transfer shares of its own stock
  • Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate
  • No Inheritance or Gift Tax
  • No Unitary Tax
  • No Estate Tax
  • Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates



Many people have found this hidden gem to be the ultimate place to retire and get in some good quality R&R. The cost of living in Nevada is a major reason why so many people are migrating to the silver state. According to Zillow, the median home price in Nevada is $291,800. While this home price median is a bit higher than the national average, retirees will still pay far less for their home than they would in other retirement havens such as Palm Springs, CA, or Florida.

Furthermore, expenses like health, groceries, and utilities remain below average, statewide. Withdrawals from retirement accounts and public and private pension income are also not taxed. With more than 300 sunny days throughout the year, Nevada boasts sunny skies and a warm client, perfect for a round of golf or other outdoor activities. And with the gambling and entertainment capital of the world in Las Vegas, you’ll never be bored. Aside from the obvious attractions, Nevada offers hundreds of top-notch golf courses along with beautiful natural terrains such as Lake Mead, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Hoover Dam, and Lake Tahoe.

With the uncertainty that this year has brought to our world, many people are considering making significant changes in their lives. Retiring in Nevada could be the change that brings prosperity, wealth, and happiness.  

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