Staying Cool This Summer!

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The first day of summer is finally here and the weather is heating up fast. Staying cool during summer can be difficult but there are numerous affordable ways to avoid the heat and enjoy this season. Depending on where you live, summer can feel unbearable, but with these few helpful tips, you can stay cool without breaking the bank.

Make Use of Portable and Ceiling Fans

Save some money by pulling out your portable fans and making use of ceiling fans. While portable fans won’t be as efficient as turning on the AC, portable fans will give you a constant breeze and keep you cool during these hot months. For an extra blast of coolness, place a bowl of ice in front of your portable fan which creates a cool mist of air. If you choose to turn on your AC, consider using portable fans to circulate the cool air around your rooms, allowing you to run your AC for a shorter period of time and reduce your energy costs. 

Improve Your Home Insulation

Keeping your home insulated is ONE of the most important things you can do to stay cool during summer. By improving your home insulation, you can keep the cool air trapped in your home and reduce your energy costs. Seal drafty windows and doors with foam insulation or rubber weather stoppers to keep the cold air from leaving your home. Another way to increase insulation is by simply adding shutters to your windows. While having a professional HVAC inspection done on your home can be pricey, increasing your home insulation is a worthwhile investment for those cold winters and hot summer months.

Limit How Often You Cook On The Stove

Cooking on your stove or oven is a great way to heat up your house during the winter months, but you should limit how often you are using these utilities during the summer. Stoves and ovens add extra heat and humidity to your home. Instead of cooking on your stove or oven, gather your friends and family and enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Swap out soups and other comfort food with cold meats, vegetables and fruits. 

Hang a Wet Curtain or Sheet in Your Window

A less common practice during the warmer months is to hang a wet curtain or sheet in your window. Spritz a curtain or sheet with water and hang it in front of an open window where there is a breeze. By allowing the air to flow through the dampened sheet or curtain, the water will evaporate and cool the inside of your home. 

Summer is Here!

The summer heat can be brutal without AC but with these tips, you can enjoy a cool summer at little to no cost. Many will be stuck inside working this summer and staying cool during the hot season can be difficult. When possible, get outside and enjoy the summer breeze with family and friends!