Stranger Things- An Industry of Cycles

Stranger Things- An Industry of Cycles

In this time of UNcertainty, it’s important to keep perspective. Indeed, for those relatively new to the industry, it may seem that the real estate industry is headed for somewhat of a spin. Not quite the “upside down”, yet enough of a tilt that fear is gaining momentum.

It really doesn’t matter as a reader, if you are following the Netflix® series “Stranger Things” or not. However, if you are a fan, the previous references will ring familiar and may be a bit haunting. For all following the US real estate market, let’s discuss references that will ring true to you. Let’s strive to move from fearful and haunting, to confident, stable, and secure.

First Things First:

Real estate is such an industry of cycles. Understand and embrace that concept. Never get too comfortable and complacent with the status of the industry. Shift happens. Constantly.

Seek Wisdom, Not Sensation:

In times of uncertainty, it is imperative to lean into experience and wisdom and avoid the “sensational”. What we mean by that is understand your market. Globally, nationally, and locally. Lean into data. Understand the patterns and trust resources that are proven industry experts.

Avoid the “next greatest” solution that will bring you lots of $$$ with very little effort. If it seems too good to be true, you are wise enough to know; it probably is. The one and only solution to any market is implementing proven systems, executing daily, and staying top of mind with your data base.

It. Takes. Work.

At Realty ONE Group and ONE.U, we focus with great intention on delivering the tools, resources, and support needed to fulfill a professional’s needs. Our goal is to empower you to dominate both today’s changing market and tomorrow’s unknown market.

Find Your Sweet Sixteen:

As we encourage you to lean into wisdom, we encourage you to find your “Sweet Sixteen”. 

What does that mean? Check your local market and find the proven professional who has championed your market for the past sixteen years. Believe it, they have experienced the industry cycle from the upside down and will verify the beauty, benefits, and opportunity the uncertainty of today’s market will provide for tomorrow’s real estate Leader. Take them to lunch!

Know your End Game:

ONE of the most amazing benefits of investing time and energy into a series like “Stranger Things” is looking beyond the characters, circumstances, and situations, and recognizing and the brilliance of the writer. The story delivered is intentionally woven to provide a memorable experience that makes you glad you turned in each episode!

Your career is the same as a brilliantly crafted series. Like a great writer, you should begin with the end in mind. Today, ask yourself, “Where do you want to be in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?” How do you want your career to end. What is that golden nugget that you will obtain after investing in each episode of your career?

As a professional REALTOR® THE most dangerous exercise and activity you can participate in is skipping this part of your plan. You must have non-negotiable goals for your “End Game” and start that journey today.

Achieve Greater Success Faster:

Stranger things will happen. The market will shift. The dynamics will change. The industry will cycle. And guess what? You cannot control any of that. What you can control (and should) is taking ownership of how you thrive and champion all market conditions.

Keep in mind, it’s the small things that will set you apart from your competition. Pay close attention to the details, listen to understand, not respond and always, be a resource, not a sales pitch!


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