How to Decorate Your Tiny Balcony

Colorful cushions

As more people choose to reside in apartments or smaller homes, it’s hard to not feel frustrated with the lack of interior decorating options. While it may seem impossible to visualize a great way to utilize your small space, it’s definitely doable. There are plenty of ways to make the most of, and turn your tiny exterior space into something usable, particularly for the late summer months. Just because you’ve lost out on space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design and comfort.

Choose a Theme


Do you want something rustic or modern? How about colors? Are you looking for bright colors or a more muted template? Pick a theme and three to four colors so you can start planning. Little doesn’t mean you can’t have style.  

Update the Seating


Find furniture that is multi-use. A bench that functions as a storage unit? Awesome. A hammock that can be neatly wrapped up when not in use? Even better. Get double use out of furniture and pieces that can be easily hid. The last thing you want to do is buy a bench that takes up the whole space and wastes the little, available space you do have. If you plan on using the space for dining in the warm summer evenings, get seating that’s compact.  

Go High


Add different elements of height to keep the space interesting. Hang planters or lights to draw the eye upward and make your tiny balcony more visually appealing. Use the vertical space you have and make the most of it whether it’s hanging artwork or something more functional like a gardening wall.  

Get Green


If you live in a high rise building and have little scenery, add some in. Add greenery to freshen up your tiny balcony and make it feel more like the outdoors.  

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t feel the need to fill out every inch of space. It’s important to not over clutter your balcony space so it becomes unusable. You want to still be able to enjoy the space while not tripping over things.
What would you add to the list?