5 Updates To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

For many people, pets are like family. Sure, they may pee on the carpet or scratch on the door on occasion but, they’re a permanent and lovable addition to any house that make it feel like a home.They’re the ones who greet you excitedly when you come home after a long day and are always quick to cuddle up. Around 37-47% of households in the U.S. have a dog and 30-37% have a cat, yet homes are hardly ever built with these furry residents in mind. Here are a few updates that go the extra mile in making sure your cuddly friend is comfortable and safe in your home. 

1.EZ Access


Photo Credit and Product: Freedom Pet Pass

Build it into the door or the wall but, there’s several ways to make sure your pet has an easy way of getting in and out of the house without you having to open the door every time. Giving them a low access point makes sure that they have a convenient way out when they need to go so there’s no excuse for accidents inside! Any pet owner can say that they’ve been there. Getting enough outdoor time is essential for pets as well. Dress up the exit by adding potted plants, framing and simple lettering above the door to customize it. 

2. Dine and Dash

The standard metal dishes can be something of an eyesore. There’s not many ways to dress them up either. Turn them into something more decorative by making it into a fixture within the kitchen. Tuck it into part of the kitchen island or within a dresser for easy access. Looking to make your life even more easier? Place pet food in a nearby drawer and voila! you have an all in ONE feeding station. Your pet can dine in style with the rest of the family now. Just save the table scraps for a separate time. 

3. The Gate Escape


Photo Credit: Yellow Brick Home

This pet friendly update to your home can easily double as a baby gate as well but the multi-functionality of it is what makes it great! There’s many ways to tackle this ONE. We love this chevron styled one from Yellow Brick Home that’s both stylish and functional. Head over to their blog for a tutorial on how to make your own. You can also build it into the wall to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

4. Scrub a Dub Dub

artistic renovations of ohio

Photo Credit: Artistic Renovations of Ohio

Make bath time easy and stop your furry friends from tracking in dirt and mud by building in a space to wash your pet! Probably the most ambitious update on the list but definitely the most enviable. Add a tiled half quarter shower to make it easy to give your pet a bath whenever. For double usage, place it in the laundry room so you can hand wash things in a jiff!

4. Fur Real

ONE of the most frustrating aspects of having a pet is finding their fur everywhere. Even if you take measures to prevent this by brushing them frequently and keeping them off the couch, it’s undeniable that at some point it’ll happen. Your best bet? Pick fabrics that are resistant to attracting odor, dust and pet hair. Leather is the easiest to deal with and super easy to wipe clean if any messes or accidents happen on them.

Having a pet is a full-time job but these updates will hopefully help to make home comfortable and functional for everyONE in the family. Looking to find more tips for the home? Check out 9 Easy Upcycling and Spring Cleaning Tips that’ll cut down your stress instantly.