Utilizing Your Outdoor Space as the Pandemic Drags Into Winter

Utilizing Your Outdoor Space During Pandemic

We are noticing a chill in the air and it's not just the fall weather. The days of socially distanced get-togethers in the warm air are unfortunately coming to an end. Since March, outdoor entertaining and living have been providing some sense of normalcy as the pandemic continues to upend our lives. Current Center for Disease and Prevention guidelines state that activities are safer if “they are held in outdoor spaces. Indoor spaces with less ventilation where it might be harder to keep people apart are more risky.” Here are some ways to extend your outdoor space through the cold winter. 

Heat Things Up 

Who doesn’t want to stay comfortable in the cold weather while entertaining outdoors? Having an outdoor heat source can make you and a few guests more comfortable as you entertain these days. Heat things up with a built-in, portable gas, electric fireplace, or fire pit. Overhead heaters are also a great option for providing highly-efficient warmth. 

Cover Your Patio 

When the temperature drops you are much more likely to want to stay inside. Having a patio cover will give you the advantage of being able to hang outside, even when the weather says otherwise. There are many patio cover options that offer 170-degree rotational flexibility which allows you to close side curtains to contain warmth and snuff out the rain or snow. 

Keep it Comfy

When dressing up your outdoor space with furniture make sure to stay away from the cold metals. Bring your indoor comforts outdoors with pillows and throw blankets. You can also add in some rugs to any cold cement that you may have in your outdoor space making it feel like it’s inside. This adds great style to your backyard while keeping your toes toasty! 

Add in Some Water

If you’re up for it and your backyard allows you the space to do so, add in a hot tub! Why not, right? A hot tub can offer year-round relaxation, warmth and it feels especially great when the temperature drops. 

Don’t give up on outdoor entertaining just because the days are growing cooler. There are so many creative ways to be outside, stay warm, and maintain social distance. If there is ONE thing we have learned this year, it’s that we are resilient and can handle any circumstances that come our way. So this holiday season, create an amazing outdoor living space suitable for any weather.