Realty ONE Group: The UNrivaled Real Estate Powerhouse in Las Vegas for 15 Consecutive Years

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For over a decade and a half, Realty ONE Group has been the premier real estate brand in Las Vegas, NV, its founding city. This impressive streak of 15 consecutive years at the top, means this now-global lifestyle brand is the go-to for buyers and sellers as well as the place where real estate professionals go to succeed.

In 2023, Realty ONE Group claimed the No. 1 spots for both sales volume and transaction volume, making the brand the undeniable leaders in the Las Vegas real estate market. 


What sets Realty ONE Group apart from the others?:


No. 1 – Local Expertise

With deep roots in the Las Vegas community, Realty ONE Group’s real estate professionals have unparalleled knowledge of the local market. This expertise allows them to provide clients with invaluable insights and guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

No. 2 – UNmatched Marketing Strategies

Realty ONE Group’s dynamic marketing and branding are recognized beyond even the real estate industry and it’s what sets its professionals apart from the competition. Agents get noticed and have limitless resources to market themselves and their listings. 

No. 3 – Exceptional Customer Service

Realty ONE Group real estate professionals go above and beyond to not only service their buyers and sellers but to build long-lasting relationships with them and become trusted advisors beyond the transaction. And because the brand professes a motto that ‘EveryONE matters and everyONE has a voice,’ Realty ONE Group pros get the same exceptional service from the global franchisor.

No. 4 – Innovative Technology

It’s a challenge to stay on top of technology without getting too deep in complicated systems. The company has created its own outstanding proprietary technology, zONE, and partnered with others to give Realty ONE Group real estate professionals all they need to be successful. 

No. 5 – Strong Leadership

The growth of this powerhouse franchisor, first in Las Vegas and the U.S. and now around the world, begins with its leadership and the organization’s focus on its ONE Purpose – To open doors around the world – ONE home, ONE dream, ONE life at a time. The commitment to being UNtraditional and rethink real estate for the better, is embodied by everyONE from its executive leadership team to the franchise owners and real estate professionals everywhere.


Realty ONE Group’s unparalleled commitment to innovation, marketing excellence, local expertise, customer service and strong leadership are just several reasons for its 15-year reign as the No. 1 real estate brand in Las Vegas – a name you can trust for exceptional results.