5 Tips to Make Collecting Reviews Easy

5 Tips to Make Collecting Reviews Easy

Asking for reviews can often feel daunting. However, the rewards of collecting reviews far surpass any concerns you may have. Online reviews play a vital role in establishing your credibility, building trust among potential clients, and ultimately fueling the growth of your business.

With the right approach, collecting reviews is a walk in the park. In this blog post, we’ll go over five tips for making review collection easy and effortless and how Realty ONE Group provides the right technology to help you along the way.

1. Make it your MO

Before beginning any transaction, start by letting your clients know that you regularly ask for feedback, and emphasize how much their review means to your business. This speaks volumes about your attention to authenticity and personal growth, which goes a long way when it’s time to request a review from your clients.

And now comes the easy part: the review request itself. Streamline the entire review request process by utilizing automation. Make the task effortless with the right systems in place, and save yourself time!

2. Personalize your Request

It’s no surprise that personalized requests get a higher response rate. Here’s a great idea to get you started: tailor your request message to include something you’ve learned in your interactions together. Maybe it’s asking how they’ve settled into their local suburb, or even asking them how the move went.

These little additions – no matter how small – make your requests stand out and show that you truly care about your client, not just their money.

If you prefer standardizing your requests, at least use your own words to maintain authenticity across the board.

3. Provide Clear Instructions

Another way to get more review requests is to make the barrier to entry as low as possible – simple, clear instructions are a great way to achieve this.

Make it simple for anyone to provide a thoughtful message about you. Keep in mind how many times you are making the request for a review and the difficulty level of your request.

The UNbrokerage makes it possible, through RateMyAgent's platform, to provide an easy way for clients to leave a review with no sign-up required. A simple completion process, plus advanced syndication, makes a small gesture go a long way.

4. Showcase your Reviews

There’s little point in creating reviews if you’re not proudly displaying them. Creating a dedicated page for reviews on your website is an excellent way for new clients to assess your professionalism at a glance.

It's recommended to have reviews visible anywhere a potential client might be looking. Consider which platforms garner you the largest audience(s) holistically. Instead of requesting a client to leave a review on different platforms, we suggest leveraging syndication when available. This way your praise can be shared wherever new prospects might be finding you online.

With RateMyAgent, every review can be shared on your professional website and other real estate profiles like Realtor.com. Plus, reviews from other popular sites like Zillow can be shared back to RateMyAgent profiles for a complete history of past success stories.

RateMyAgent PRO enables reviews to be shared directly to Google Business Pages with a single sign-off.

5. Follow up (the smart way)

It’s fair to assume that both you and your client are usually short on time. Setting yourself follow-up reminders can be especially tedious when you’re juggling multiple clients, and it can lead to lots of unnecessary admin time in front of the computer.

If your client hasn’t responded to your review request, you can choose to automatically send them a follow-up message, saving you countless hours in the long run.


These are just the first 5 steps RateMyAgent has for professionals who are ready to harness the power of past reviews. If this was an easy read- take a look at RateMyAgent PRO options, and take advantage of exclusive member pricing in the ONE Marketplace. UNlock even more tools for your business with additional syndication and promotional features. Office and Team accounts are available too for seamless branding and incredible SEO benefits.


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