Celebrate International Women's Day in the Workplace

ROG International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (March 8) raises awareness about women’s equality and celebrates the economic, social and cultural achievements of women globally. Companies around the world celebrate International Women’s Day in a variety of ways. Here are six ideas to help you get inspired and involved in this year's celebration by showcasing the ONEderful achievements of women in your industry. 

Encourage Employees to Be Aware of Issues Women Still Face Today

While we’ve made progress as a society, women still face challenges in the workplace including disproportionate pay, double standards on the job, underrepresentation in leadership roles and the list goes on. Create awareness among your employees by talking about challenges, even bringing in diversity experts for training and to facilitate conversations. 

Establish a Goal for Improving Gender Diversity 

Create opportunities for open dialogue with your employees. Ask them for recommendations on how to address issues of diversity and inclusion in your company. Be ready to listen and act. 

Host a Coffee and Donut Morning Celebrating Female Employees 

Hosting a breakfast gathering in the office is a great way to bring employees to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women in your office. Ask employees to share examples of women who inspire them, from public figures to friends and family or members of the community. 

Spread Awareness on Social Media 

Share inspiring quotes, articles or even a group photo of all the women in your office. This is a simple way to raise awareness about gender equality and celebrate women. 

Support a Women’s Nonprofit Organization

This International Women’s Day, consider donating to charities or non-profit organizations that support women as it can make a measurable difference in the work they do. No matter the amount, your donation can help further women’s rights. 

A Simple Thank You 

Sometimes we forget the impact of a simple “thank you.” Recognize the women in your organization for their commitment and hard work. Write a thank you card, host a zoom meeting or simply send an email. Remember, the small things matter. 

At Realty ONE Group, we’re proud to say that remarkable women serve in important roles at every level of our organization. Follow Realty ONE Group on all social platforms to see the day-to-day life of some of the ONEderful women at our company as we celebrate International Women’s Day with you.