Choosing the Right Digital Partner in Real Estate

Choosing the Right Digital Partner in Real Estate

It’s ONE of those things where you keep wanting to hit the snooze button. Seeking out potential agencies to help with growing your business using online channels can get overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide can help make that process quicker and easier so you can get back to the other core functions. 

  • Are they a certified partner of the leading platforms (e.g. Google)? - This link will help you verify their standing with Google. This is important for paid media campaigns.
  • Do they understand the intent of why you’re investing in digital marketing? It is important they are in sync with your primary focus: brand awareness, growing real estate professionals, increasing your share of voice among the competition.
  • Do they understand the differences with each of the audiences in real estate and how do they help with restrictions related to housing? This is important to have your ads perform properly.
  • Does the agency understand running local digital ads, focused on your geographic area and communities you want your business to grow in?
  • Can the agency be creative on how they can efficiently spend your marketing budget with increased qualified reach? 
  • Is campaign reporting dynamically updated and accessible 24/7 - you need to monitor and access your campaign performance data often just as you would your bank account. You’re investing in ads and you need to see how they are performing. Is your digital partner making the needed changes? Are your ads getting clicks? 
  • Make sure your digital partner provides lead attribution (what platform should get credit for developing the lead). This will help you determine ROI and if you need to shift your budget to different efforts or increase the current ones.

At the core, these are the top considerations to have in mind when screening for a digital marketing partner in real estate. 

  • Are they certified?
  • Do they understand your intent and audience?
  • Are they proficient and have experience in running localized campaigns?
  • Is updated reporting available 24/7?
  • Are they measuring the top-performing sources of your leads?

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