Kitchens are the heart and soul of today’s homes. They can serve as entertainment areas for your friends during a party or a family gathering spot in the evenings, so it only makes sense if they are created with as much style and efficacy. Here are some different styles of kitchens where you can enjoy cooking good food.

Chic and Trendy


One of the most sought after styles today is a kitchen with an open layout that makes it easily accessible while giving a spacious feel to your home. Keeping the style quotient in mind, an island lends an appealing look to the kitchen and acts as a centerpiece for people hanging out and keeping the host/chef as part of the conversation. Sensor activated lights, faucets, beautiful backsplashes and neutral colored walls give us the choice to play with colors in other aspects. Adding comfortable areas in the kitchen like a breakfast nook or bar stools to the island help in creating an inviting space.

Cottage Charm

shutterstock_377825686Antique lights, farm sink, glass cabinets; all these features exude a charming appeal to a cottage kitchen. A warm cozy kitchen with wooden floors and white walls add a rustic aesthetic to the space with a stone wall and some wicker furniture. One more benefit of having a cottage kitchen is having a functional overhead unit to hang the pots and pans, which not only add to the look of this style but also help with keeping an organized space.

Coastal Kitchen

shutterstock_424843195It is exactly what it sounds like: a kitchen inspired with blue and green hues on cabinets and walls, decorated with starfish, seashells, and other nautical themed accessories. A big rustic dining table with lots of light and windows add to the breezy look of this style. People who are not a fan of formal settings would enjoy this style as it lends a casual appeal to the space. The liberty to mix and match furniture from wood to metal gives the host an ease of design and coziness.

Be it modern or country or casual, an inviting kitchen space with friends and family is always a perfect place to create wonderful memories. Add some delicious treats on top of it and we have ourselves a very sweet party!