Is It Really Almost Time to Go Back to School? How to Get Your House Ready for the Big Day

Get Your House Ready For Back to School

Wow, summer flew by! You know what that means…back to school! Get your house ready for the big day with these six great tips. 

Create a study space 

It’s great to create a study space in a distraction free zone of your home. Make this space comfortable with good lighting and do your best to always keep it organized.

Get school supplies organized 

There are many different ways to keep school supplies organized in your home. You can keep supplies organized in a basket or drawer or get fancy by keeping them in a rolling cart next to your kids' study space. 

Organize and go through your kids’ closets 

Take the time to declutter your kids' closets before going back to school. Create a pile of clothes that no longer fit and donate them to a local charity. Starting from the top of the closest and working my way to the bottom works best for me but you may want to go left to right.

Stick to a daily schedule

It’s important to stick to a schedule when it comes to the school year. From sleep to extra-curricular activities, you want to give your kids time to ease back into routine. Keeping to your everyday schedule will help keep your home more organized too.

Declutter your pantry

Back to school season is the perfect time to tackle your mess of a pantry. Check expiration dates, donate canned foods, and add in some organizational storage containers. All of this will make it easier to pack school lunches and make it easier for your kids to find the perfect, healthy after-school snack. 

Organize your entryway

The entryway is usually the “drop zone” when it comes to kids returning from school. Shoes, folders, backpacks, jackets - everything goes EVERYWHERE! And by the next morning someone is missing something, sending you into a panic. Hectic mornings can be a thing of the past with a little bit of organization. Get some hooks for backpacks and lunch boxes, baskets for shoes and a bulletin board for important papers.