Home Staging Photography Tips

Home Staging Photography Tips

Properly staging a home can be a game-changer if you’re looking to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Staging is an excellent way to show off your space and give potential buyers the feeling of what it would be like to live there. And, your listing photos will be the difference-maker in gaining interest from potential clients before they even step foot inside your home. 

Here are a few tips to consider when staging and photographing your home:


Having a clean and decluttered space is comforting to the eye. It gives viewers a sense of organization and quality. It can help buyers create an image in their head of what it may look like for them to live in this space. Decluttering is also going to show off the space, making it seem larger. 

Depersonalize space

A key factor in home staging photography is making sure that the space being photographed has been depersonalized. The end goal out of these photos is to give potential buyers a better sense of what it may look like for them to live in this home. Avoid family photos, personal items, pet items, and anything else that may make the space look like it was meant for a particular person or family. 

Natural light

Natural light is king when it comes to home staging photography (actually almost all photography). Capturing the space with the natural light coming in through the windows will help create stunningly beautiful photographs that will be great marketing tools. If possible, try to avoid using any sort of artificial lighting because when potential buyers eventually see the place in person, they will want to look and feel as it did in the photograph. 

Utilize views

Make sure to show off the selling points of the home. What are the views you’ve enjoyed most in your home? Make sure they’re in your shots. Remember, above anything else, you want to portray the interior of the home from its best possible angles. 

Limit color scheme

The human eye has a unique ability to see organization and chaos through something as simple as a color scheme. This may sound crazy, but when staging a home, consider limiting the color scheme. Keep it simple, clean and use muted colors. Bold, bright, and loud colors can be very distracting and also send the wrong message of what you are trying to portray for the space. Remember, less is more!

Don’t over decorate

Similar to limiting the color scheme, do your best to not over decorate when staging a home. Keep it very clean, minimal, and focus on the features of the house as opposed to the staged furniture. The furniture and decoration should only be there to amplify the interior of the home itself, it should not be the focal point.

Updated décor

Keep up with interior design trends! Always make sure to use updated décor and help your potential buyers begin imagining how they would decorate the space. You want to inspire them. Reading through interior design magazines, watching shows on HGTV, and finding inspiration online will really help with staging a home with updated décor.

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