How to Plan Your Real Estate Marketing For 2022

How to Plan Your Real Estate Marketing For 2022

Now that we’ve entered 2022, it is time to start thinking about the possibilities this year will offer for your business. Below are some ideas for your marketing strategy for the new year. 

Look at Your Website With a Fresh Perspective 

The best way to start on your marketing plan is to really look at all of your current marketing materials, including your website. Start by taking a look at your website both on your computer and on your phone. How fast do the pages load? Does it look appealing and comparable to other websites you’ve visited? Make sure to also consider functionality. You want it to be easy for your customers to find information targeted to them. Make it easy to find testimonials, bios and social media platforms. 

Post More Content 

One thing a lot of real estate agents struggle with is a lack of content on their platforms. There are so many different ways to post content and it’s all up to what fits you best. Do you like writing blogs? Filming videos? Hosting podcasts? Or simply just posting graphics on your social media? Starting with weekly or monthly emails to your SOI is a great first step in helping you to create sharable and meaningful content. Remember to include all of your contact information on your profiles and posts. Don’t make people hunt for your information. 

Focus on Analytics 

You want to be able to find out when your traffic is highest for your social media, website and any other platforms you may be using. What pages were most visited? Which time of the day or day of the week? Where does most of your target audience hangout when it comes to social media? Regularly check on your analytics in 2022 so that you can capitalize on trends for better engagement with your followers.

Take a New Headshot 

If you’re thinking it's time for a new headshot, then you’re probably right. Headshots are becoming more casual, fun and less formal than previously. Take a more fresh and modern approach with a local photographer in your area. Consider taking your photos on location of a recognizable local landmark so you can show potential clients how much you’re a part of their community. 

Developing a marketing strategy is crucial to staying competitive and building a pipeline of leads and referrals this year. Make sure to infuse some of these marketing strategies into your business as new actions and strategies may be just what you need to launch your career to new heights. 


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