How to Increase Your Social Media Following

How to Utilize Social Media

Whether it matters to you or not, people do look at your social media follower count and consider your numbers when deciding whether they should follow you or not. You probably look at your numbers to determine whether you're succeeding as a brand while influencers look at your numbers to decide if they want to partner with you. So how do you grow your following? 

Follow Other Users, Brands, and Influencers 

This is a great place to start when it comes to growing your followers. The point of growing your social following is to get real, authentic people to engage with your brand or page so, don’t follow a ton of brands with no purpose. Look for users in these three categories: people you know, people you sort of know, and people you should probably know. Most social sites will give you suggestions for people you may know or for brands that may appeal to you based on who you already follow. 

Cross Post Your Content 

Make it easy for your followers to find your social content. If people can’t find you, they can’t follow you. A great way to make sure your content is more visible is to cross promote it across all of your social channels. The point of cross-promoting is to leverage the followers you already have on one platform to grow another. 

Make Your Page Worthy of Following 

Your followers want to find meaning behind the brands they follow. If you aren’t authentic in your approach or marketing, your social presence won't get very far. You want to build an impact with your audience, so you have to find the right way to engage with them on their level. Start by cultivating a good brand image that shows you care about their wants and needs. 

Utilize Paid Ads

The key to a great advertising campaign is to gear your ads more toward engagement rather than self-promotion. Make sure to market your brand without sacrificing the quality that your followers want. Not all paid ads have to be superficial and gimmicky. 

Be ONEderful Outside of Social Media

When you think of some of the biggest names of social media, what do they have in common other than the fact that they have a lot of followers? They are doing great things outside of social media. These people are living their lives, they are not just social brands. You have to be the same way. Make people want to follow you. 

You get authentic followers when you take the time to build up your brand by sharing content that matters, leveraging influencers, and focusing on your brand's message.