Vast Inventory Awaits Home Buyers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for all of its vast entertainment opportunities to visitors, but actually is a highly rated place to live as well. It's also ONE of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a growth rate of 5.11%. Las Vegas offers a stable job market, good schools and many home options for residents seeking a luxury home. Buyers will find a large inventory of pre-owned and new luxury homes located throughout the metropolitan area featuring the latest technologies and trends.

According to a recent article by CBS News “What wealthy home buyers want in a home” luxury home buyers are trending towards wanting more technology and comfort over space. They are more often turning away from large floor plans and are seeking home with the latest technologies and comforts such as outdoor kitchens and a more functional kitchen over an over-spacious version. They seek homes with remote access and allow homeowners to interact with their home and occupants from afar via any internet device.

The Brodkin Realty Group in Las Vegas include many of these amenities that buyers are seeking. It has luxury homes available throughout the metro and outlying areas featuring outdoor kitchens, smart homes with wireless access to features as well as green technologies to conserve energy. The size of Las Vegas and increasing home demand means many of the newest technologies get tested here giving residents the first look at advancing technologies. It is also an ideal climate for luxurious backyard amenities including outdoor kitchens and lagoon-style pools with dry warm conditions throughout the year.

If you are in the market for a luxury home in the Las Vegas are and would like to view a list of current home for sale, please contact us.

Written By: Jim Simmons