Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests with 5 DIY Hacks

It’s that time of the year, where we have to start prepping our home for dinner parties and guests. Preparing your home for the holidays is actually like prepping your home for sale. Here are some handy tips on some easy effortless ways to get your home ready for this season.
We look forward to December as the holiday's approach. Soon family and friends will be knocking on the front door with wine and happy smiles. As hosts, we want to make our home spotless and welcoming. Decorating the home and tidying up is just some standard ways we prepare our home for guests. Sometimes, we want to consider renovation project to spruce up our home both for guests and add value to our homes.
1. Guest Bathroom Renovation
The bathroom is crucial when guests arrive. Since there is usually one designated shared bathroom, this is a great time to consider a bathroom makeover! There is an array of ways to spruce up your bathroom. Start with cleaning out your cabinets and stocking them with fresh towels. Add in holiday scented candles to the counters just to add a fun touch. If you are due for a full renovation, a little paint can go a long way. Consider repainting the walls and giving it a clean fresh look. Pick new accessories, such as towel racks or knobs and remember storage is never out of season. Replace light bulbs or add in new light fixtures. This will not only create a welcoming bathroom for all your guests but increase the value of your home overall. After all who doesn’t enjoy a clean, fresh bathroom.
2. Give the Walls a Little Bath
We all know that painting all the walls can be a lot of work. A great way to freshen up the walls is by removing the scuffs, handprints, and smudges. Here is what is needed, white vinegar and warm water and that’s it! Apply this with a small cloth and rub the cloth into the walls in a circular motion. With a blink of an eye, the spots are removed! Your guests will enjoy a fresh clean wall when they arrive.
3. Show your Kitchen Some Love
The kitchen is your home centerpiece. Opening your home to guests means opening up your kitchen as well. Soon guests will all gather together and help prepare food, chat and laugh all within your kitchen parameters. This is the perfect time to perhaps add a new backsplash, update your appliances and clean out the fridge. Pick out an accent color and start decorating away.
4. Add in a Rug or Two.
Lots of times, it’s the subtle changes in our home that really stand out. Something as simple as adding a rug to the living or dining room can make a perfect impression. What’s great about rugs, is that it can be rolled away and brought out when needed. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to the room or bring in fun holiday patterns to the overall look. This is also a great way to welcome people if you plan on doing an open house (if you are in the market to sell your home this winter season).
5.  Bring in the Greenery!
Plants not only bring in dimension to a room, but they bring in liveliness. Your living room is especially important when hosting family and friends. It's always nice to create a warm environment where people can sit on the couch and catch up. Adding in some green can really brighten and bring in a room. Depending on your current room layout, different plant and flower sizes can be layered throughout the house. Floor plants, counter peonies hanging plants…the ideas are endless!
Now it’s time to start opening your doors and welcoming your guests to your well-prepped home. Pick your favorite hack above and give it a try. Sometimes doing a little means doing a lot. If you do decide to make major renovations and upgrades to your home for investment purposes, consider reaching out to one of our Realty ONE Group agents to get other handy tips –