Preparing Your Home to Sell this Spring

preparing your home to sell for springtime

Springtime is right around the corner and home buying season will soon be in full force. If you're thinking about selling your current home and moving to a new residence, it’s time to get your home prepared and wow prospective buyers. Spring is the perfect time to showcase your house and make your home stand out in the market. With these few easy tips, your house can catch the eye of potential buyers and help get your house off the market in no time at all!

Let Natural Light Do The Work

Current home buyers love natural light. Lighten up the rooms in your home by opening curtains and raising shades to let natural light in. Dust off decorative items and floors in your house so the natural light can flourish and remove items that have faded by the sun. 

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Home

Applying a fresh coat of paint can improve the appearance of your home significantly and help catch the eye of many potential buyers. When doing so, consider hiring a professional painter who has the right materials and will get the job done right the first time. As repainting your home can be an expensive task, research the costs associated but make sure it is right for your budget. It’s important to pick the right professional as a sloppy paint job can leave a bad impression on buyers. 

Bring Spring Scents Into Your Home

Unpleasant scents can kill a home sale. Get rid of any odors from your pets, cooked foods, or old textiles such as carpets and throw rugs. Spring is the perfect season to buy flowers and bring natural fragrances to your home. Buy spring scented candles for your home and consider having carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. 

Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can be expensive. As you will only be able to recoup a fraction of the cost of renovations, think about small changes you can make that will appeal to your potential buyers. Rather than replacing doors and cabinets, consider repainting or adding new cabinet knobs. Focus mainly on the exterior of your home as this will gain the most attention from home buyers (curb appeal can go a long way). If it’s within your budget, have your home pre-inspected so you can replace anything broken and repair it accordingly.

Take Advantage of the Spring Market 

There is no better time to show off your home than during the spring season. The largest number of buyers are actively looking for their new dream home during spring and now is the time to get prepped to put your home on the market. With these 4 tips, you can get a head start on your to-do list and get your house ready for potential buyers. 

For more information on getting your home ready to sell, check out this Home Seller’s Guide from Realty ONE Group!