Starting Conversations and Gaining Clients - Casual but purposeful ways to attract new clients

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Many, but not all, successful agents have the “gift of gab”. They chat naturally with everyone, engaging them with stories, listening to others’ interests, and making personal connections that often lead to current or future real estate client relationships.

But what if some of that talk doesn’t come naturally? How can agents develop the ability to have a casual conversation and then open the possibility of talking about real estate?

Here are a few proven strategies that have worked for thousands of top agents:

  • Ask people where they are from and/or where they live:  This is such an easy and natural question that can be used at the beginning of any conversation. Whether at a social event, at a restaurant, in a store, or in any random day-to-day conversation, this question allows you to learn about where they live and what their circumstances are.

    If in a home or neighborhood that you are familiar with, you can immediately follow up with “Oh I love that area! I listed (or sold, or showed, etc.) a home there just the other month!”. You now have informed them that you are a real estate agent, and you can follow up with other opportunity-creating questions or comments from there. 

  • “Where do you want to live, and when do you want to be there?” This is an incredibly powerful question to use once someone mentions anything about their situation that would indicate a need to make a real estate move at some point. They may directly say that they would like to live in “x” city, or they may say that they need more room for kids or pets, or they may be looking to downsize—whatever the case, asking this question will both probe for location information (that you can provide expert guidance on) and establish a timeline so that you can follow up appropriately.
  • Here’s what I’ll do… If, as a result of a conversation, you have information to share or should make an appointment to meet with them (e.g., to list their home), take charge and say what the next step will be. Many agents are passive at these moments and meekly ask if they can follow up with the person. My advice is to be more assertive.

    Say, “Here’s what I’ll do—I can stop by Thursday at 6 PM or Saturday at 10 AM, and that way I can see your home.” Or, “Here’s what I’ll do—I’m going to send you my exclusive homebuyer guide and then check back with you. What’s your email and phone?” Being definitive about what you will do will have a much higher success rate at engaging people, and will reinforce their perception of you as an expert that will guide them through whatever they are looking to do in real estate. 

These conversational scripts and strategies have created literally billions of dollars in real estate sales. Use them in your own business, and see your production grow as you turn everyday conversations into dollar-producing activities!

Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting and is a preferred real estate coach nationally with Realty ONE Group. Her coaching programs have helped thousands of agents double or triple their income through her proven strategies, scripts, and tools for your real estate. Sherri is also a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour, the Official Real Estate Coach for McKissock Learning and Real Estate Express, and is a two-time RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker (2020 and 2021) as an industry Influencer. 

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