Using Social Media to Gain Credibility and Advance Your Business

Using Social Media to Gain Credibility- Realty ONE Group

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we have built a whole new world in the digital sphere.  Social Media has become so connected with our daily lives that it almost feels impossible to remember a world where it didn’t exist.  There are positives and negatives to the impact social media has made on our society, but in this post, let’s just focus on the positives. 

Connecting with people and new networks has become so incredibly simple.  For real estate professionals, it has become quite possibly one of the most lucrative tools for finding new business and staying in contact with previous clients.  Your social media presence and behavior have also become a platform for gaining credibility as a real estate professional.

Gaining validation in a modern world

With virtually (HAH! see what I did there) everything going digital, your credibility, and how you gain validation in your community, has also gone digital.  How you represent yourself online is a direct representation of your business. Therefore, it is important to consider building your digital presence as a part of your daily work routine. 

It’s no longer just about the number of followers you have or likes you get on a post; it’s about interaction and creating quality content. Find your digital community and be the source of real estate knowledge, news, and insight. Be a trustworthy and unbiased opinion.  Do not get involved with posting or responding to sensitive topics that could affect your business and how your community views you as a professional. You must also be diligent about your response rate and the quality of your responses.  Make sure you are genuine in what you post and interact with online.  Show the best possible version of yourself and your business will thank you.

Always Being On!

I don’t want to tell you to have your head down and constantly be checking your phone for notifications but being responsive is very important for your credibility. Interact with your followers and create meaningful content and conversations.  Show off your business in a tasteful way and build a compelling portfolio that your followers will want to discuss.  You will be there to immediately answer their questions and respond to their commentary.  Before you know it, your book of clients will start to get bigger and bigger.

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