Why Culture in the Workplace Matters

Why Culture in the Workplace Matters

It’s important that companies continually create strong cultural environments in the workplace that represent their values. Great culture is the attitudes, relationships and visions exemplifying positive traits that lead to improved performance. At Realty ONE Group it’s more than just culture, it's COOLture (Cool + Culture). Realty ONE Group was built to invest in the success of its people by focusing on a unique culture and giving everyONE a voice. I’ve been a part of this company for nearly 7 years and I can truly say that Realty ONE Group has the mindset and lifestyle where everyONE matters and everyONE is awesome. So why is culture so important in the workplace? 

Take time to learn about the culture in a company 

Before we move onto the list below, make sure to always take the time to learn about a company's culture. You spend the majority of your time at work so a company's culture is extremely important when applying to a new job. 

EveryONE feels valued 

Feeling valued at work leads to better physical and mental health and higher levels of motivation and engagement. This leads to a more productive relationship between the employer and employee. 

Executives are coaches and mentors 

Having executives and managers committed to engaging with employees, coaching, mentoring and encouraging them is critical to a good and successful culture. A good leader dedicates the time and energy it takes to provide true value to their employees. 

Diversity and inclusion 

Bringing people together from all different backgrounds improves culture in the workplace. Colleagues will feel more comfortable in diverse environments and are more likely to be themselves. Diversity increases employee morale and instills a desire to be more productive. 

Work Environment

The physical atmosphere of an organization also says a lot about its culture. What does the office look like? What type of furniture? What kinds of wall signs? What do people have on their desks? How are common areas used? People care about the environment they are working in and it can positively impact your ability to attract and retain employees.