Four Ways to Stay Ahead of the Real Estate Market This Summer

Stay Ahead of the Real Estate Market This Summer

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. And, if you’re a real estate professional, you recognize the limited availability in the housing market and higher home prices. Accounting for market nuances in various locations, understanding local factors, and following seasonal trends are crucial for your business to thrive and it can be daunting to stay on top of it all. But, don’t feel helpless this sunny season; here is a simple four-step guide to empower you to navigate the season.


No. 1 – Take advantage of holidays and community events 

Summer is the perfect season to dive into holiday celebrations like Pride month, Independence Day, and other community gatherings. Whether that looks like sponsoring a local group in a pride parade, tabling at a local Independence Day celebration or helping the community with park remodeling projects or summer community gardens, there’s an abundance of opportunity to expand your brand and outreach. 


No. 2 –Invest time into building an online presence

If you’re struggling to keep up with all of your clients this busy summer selling, try connecting more online. Now could be the perfect opportunity to invest time in your online profile. This could look like creating new and relevant social media posts, starting a business blog, developing your own domain, or creating a newsletter. Something like an e-newsletter could give you a medium for consistent interaction with your community. Digital media is here to stay, so why not make sure you’re ahead of the game with some summer-themed content. 


No. 3 – Practice appreciation for your clients and other businesses in your circle

As an agent, it is important to emphasize referrals and build your circle of connections. Summer is a perfect time to appreciate those who have referred you and the businesses you work with, and to go out of your way to acknowledge individuals and groups that acknowledge you! It could also be a good opportunity to collaborate with a small business for local gift-giving. 


No. 4 – Get a jump start on fall marketing! 

Before you know it, back-to-school season will be upon us. During this time, you can prepare for seasonal holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as local events. Reaching out to your circle of connections and planning your new season’s schedule can help you feel confident and prepared in your business. 



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