Taking Listing Videos to the Next Level

Real estate listings are the bread and butter to a real estate professional’s business and as technology progresses, so does the opportunity to creatively and uniquely showcase real estate listings. A few examples include employing outside companies to create visually appealing listing videos, utilizing social media, and partnering with industry influencers to increase viewership of your listings.

Recently, Gretchen Lychuk of Realty ONE Group in Las Vegas took a unique approach to listing videos by hiring film industry veteran Curt Hahn, CEO of Film House Real Estate, to direct and produce a mini-movie. A script was written, a cast was hired and original music was created to produce this one of a kind film, which you can watch here (embed link).

You can also take advantage of your technological resources by utilizing Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Potential buyers can conveniently tap into your open houses and experience your listing by tuning into your live video streaming straight from your social media platforms. Beyond the experience of touring the listing digitally, in real time, interested buyers can interact by posting live comments and questions while you showcase the home. With this helpful tool, you can gain exponential exposure by digitally showcasing your listing and intrigue buyers.

Another way you can creatively market your listings is by partnering with top influencers. By reaching out to social media influencers who have a large number of followers, you can ramp up your brand and more people will likely want to check out who you are, your services, and your listings. Start by reaching out to influencers inside and outside your industry, such as lifestyle mavens, travel bloggers, and interior designers. By thinking outside the box with your listings, you’ll stand out from the rest and more buyers will take notice.

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