Top 5 Signs It's Time To Leave Your Broker

You're Unhappy but When is it Really Enough?

We all experience discontent with work, and life in general, from time to time. But when is enough enough?

If you’ve been unhappy with your real estate office and looking at other options, how do you know when it’s really the right time to make a change? While no one can say for sure, here are five signs it’s time to leave your brokerage and head for greener pastures.

No. 1 – You’re No Longer Growing

As a real estate professional, you find that you’ve plateaued in sales volume and production and maybe it’s just not enough. We applaud you for having big goals and wanting to do more. But that means you need to find an office that can help you get there.

Our tip? Find an office with a non-competing broker who can mentor you and help you set goals each year. He or she should also help you be accountable to those goals and provide you with the means to exceed them.

Continued training and education are key to a successful real estate career.

No. 2 – The Money Just Doesn’t Add Up

You feel like you’re doing a great job serving your buyers and sellers and you’re fantastic about mining for new leads and following up. But what do you do if you’re closing deals and the money still just doesn’t add up?

As an independent contractor, you need to know the numbers and understand the difference between your annual expenditures and projected income.

Our tip? Find a real estate office with low fees, great systems and services and gives you more of your hard-earned commission.

No. 3 – It’s No Longer Fun

It’s been proven that we’re more productive and creative when we have fun at work. And while, as real estate professionals, it may seem like our car is our home office, you should also look for a physical location that offers you a unique and inviting experience.

Does your Broker host not only training events but events meant to bring agents together and have fun? Do they celebrate your success publicly among your peers? Is the office aesthetically pleasing and an exciting place for both you and your clients? Do you have the opportunity to interact with the community and give back? If your answer to any of those was ‘no’ or even a ‘not really,’ it’s probably time to think about a move.

Real estate doesn’t have to be traditional. You deserve a modern office and a lively culture!

No. 4 – The Offer is No Longer Too Good to Be True

Real estate brokers are constantly trying to recruit you and when you’re happy, it’s easy to ignore them. But now that you’re feeling frustrated, the offers start sound appealing. And while they may have some great incentives to join, make sure you take your time contemplating the offer. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in the same position in short order.

Our tip? If you find another real estate franchise appealing and even too good to be true, it may actually not be. Consider all offers and be sure to read the fine print, but at the end of the day, if it seems like you’d be happier changing offices, it may mean you’re ready to go.

No. 5 – It’s Just Time

We all know that life is too short to be unhappy. If you’ve done your research and feel ready to make the move to a new exciting opportunity, then it’s definitely time.

Our tip? Don’t waste another minute not getting the money, tools, coaching, culture and support you deserve.

Our final tip? Visit or a Realty ONE Group brokerage near you to find out why we’re one of the fastest growing real estate franchises.