Top 6 Signs of a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are licensed salespersons who manage a real estate business and are hired to assist in the process of selling and buying a property. Before hiring a real estate agent, remember that while there are many great experts in the industry, there are also unprofessional ones who may not have your best interest in mind or lack certain skills.

Here are 6 tips to help you choose the right real estate agent:

1. Positive Track Record

It's important that you look into the previous record of the real estate agent you’re hiring. Experienced agents with a positive track record are the most successful in this industry! Consult surrounding people about their reputation and know if they've been selling properties with the best possible deals in the past.

2. Influencing Power

A good real estate agent has the capabilities to motivate clients into action! They work hard to promote your property by advertising its positive aspects and plan an effective strategy to convince potential buyers into purchasing it. They're determined to make your property look amazingly presentable and do whatever possible to sell your property as soon as possible by searching for prospective buyers everywhere! 

3. Strong Listening Skills

Successful real estate agents are good listeners, a skill that is absolutely necessary to understanding the intent behind a seller’s move.  Many people have a laundry list of requirements when it comes to finding a home and real estate representatives with solid listening skills will make sure they find a home that suits the client's needs and desires. 

4. Up-to-Date with Current Trends

The real estate market is always changing and the best real estate agents are those who are up-to-speed with the latest details and price trends. If the agent you've hired lacks the knowledge of current market trends, it may be better to find somebody else. Real estate agents who are passionate about their work and don't settle, need to stay on the top of their game.

5.Easy to Reach

Your real estate agent should be easy to reach. Nobody wants a busy agent who can't devote the necessary time to them. After all, selling/buying a home is a huge decision that requires attention and focus. Both sellers and buyers require firsthand information the agent holds; the experience and skills of an agent are of no use if they can't be reached. More and more real estate agents have become active on social media and social messaging apps to actively stay in touch with the constant workflow and needs of their clients. 

6. Understand Financing Issues

Complex mortgage issues can undermine any potential deal in a real estate transaction. Even though real estate negotiators are not financial advisors, they're educated on the mortgage rules and guidelines. Being informed about these issues helps to save time and stress for both the agents and the clients.


Following the aforementioned tips will help you in hiring the right real estate agent for you to buy or sell your property efficiently. Fortunately, working with a RealtyONEGroup agent covers all 7 of these areas. Contact ONE of our 69 offices today to connect with a RealtyONEGroup real estate professional!